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Can you risk an inspection without the Infrared Camera?

Thermal imaging is the latest addition to the property inspection world; it is a non-invasive, non-destructive, way of evaluating conditions which may not be visible to the human eye. It's like "seeing through the walls" as some of our clients like to say.

Utilizing heat-sensitive photography to reveal temperature variations, "hot" or "cold" spots, we are able to detect issues like; [...]

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Inspect that Home, Then Make the Educated Decision

Now that you have a purchase contract on a property, your Real Estate Agent will tell you that you have a few days to do inspections. Make sure that you understand very clearly how many days you have from the "effective date" of the contract, or start date, to perform inspections. You should avoid the [...]

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Inspect at the Right Time

The other day, extremely early, I received a phone call from a Buyer that found our company, My Home Inspection Group on the Internet. The Buyer sounded agitated and nervous, asking me immediately if we were able to do an inspection that same day and that she needed the report before 10:00 pm. That day [...]

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Type of Inspections for a Buyer

A Buyer has more than one option in reference to the home inspections available. Logic indicates that the buyer is the party most interested in finding out the true property condition and can't rely solely on a Seller's Property Disclosure or on any other information provided by the Seller or Realtors involved.

One of the main [...]

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Who should Select Your Home Inspector?

Once you have an executed contract, one of your first steps should be to order your inspections. Of course the one question is; where do I find a reliable Home Inspector? This question has more than one answer.

One good source to find a reliable Home Inspector might be searching on the internet, a key word [...]

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