A/ As a buyer, knowledge of a property’s condition is important in making an educated decision. The purchase of a house may be one of the largest investments in your lifetime, so it is important to know if this investment fits your needs and expectations.

A/ After the inspection you will be provided a written report of the inspection results. Your report can become a great tool to renegotiate with the Seller; this is true even when your contract is an “as-is” contract. Alternatively, your contract may give the option to cancel the contract for any reason as the result of the inspection; although this may only be the case during your inspection period. There may be other details to consider and other options available to you, so we strongly recommend consulting with your real estate agent.

A/ You are NOT obligated to inspect the property you are purchasing. Although, it may be in your best interest as a buyer to prevent buying a money pit or a problem you are not prepared to deal with. The right inspection may save you thousands of dollars and dozens of headaches.

A/ It is up to you, remember that you will make your Seller and the Listing Agent very happy if you do not do the inspection.
A/ All property systems; structure, roof, attic, electrical, plumbing, A/C systems, and others
A/ The inspection should typically occur during the inspection period agreed upon within the contract. It is recommended that the inspection occurs at the earliest possible moment; if any issues or concerns arise as a result of the inspection, it may require multiple days to have a specialist address the concern appropriately.
A/ The time that you have according to the contract to perform all desired inspections.
A/ Although the presence of you or your agent is not required for the inspection, it is highly recommended that all parties attend the inspection. As the buyer you should be witness to the inspection process so that you can see and understand the concerns that the inspector encounters, and so the inspector may answer any questions you may have about the property. If you cannot be present during the inspection, we recommend sending an individual you trust to be present during the inspection.
A/ An Inspection Report and a Projected Repair Costs of the inspected property.
A/ On average, reports are sent within 24-48 hours; be sure to talk to your inspector to have a more accurate report turn-around time.
A/ For residential properties, only Florida Licensed and Insured Home Inspectors can perform Home Inspections.
A/ The price of an inspection will vary depending of factors including the type of inspection, property size, property type, and additional services.
A/ No, every inspector or inspection company will have their own price. Be careful with the appeal of inexpensive inspectors, typically you will receive according to what you pay. Be sure to have a clear understanding of what an inspector will be providing you with their services. Not all inspectors inspect the same, not all inspectors test every window, door and outlet, and not every inspector carries the same tools.
A/ Are you licensed? What is your experience? Are you insured (Liability and Professional)? Ask for proof of all documentation.