The other day, extremely early, I received a phone call from a Buyer that found our company, My Home Inspection Group on the Internet. The Buyer sounded agitated and nervous, asking me immediately if we were able to do an inspection that same day and that she needed the report before 10:00 pm. That day was the last day for her to do the inspections. I asked her a few questions to educate myself in the kind of property, location and the type of inspection she needed, then I checked our agenda and noticed that making some changes, we were able to accommodate her inspection. She sounded very relieved when I informed her that it was possible to serve her.

As promised, that same day the inspections were done and to the surprise of the Buyer, our Inspector Jonathan, who's an expert in attics, discovered that the roof was leaking in three different areas. The leaks were not visible from the interior of the house, of course other issues were discovered, but the main problem was the roof, in a property of over 2,000 Sq. Ft.. The roof was at the end of its useful life, had several repairs in the past, and was definitely in need of replacement.

The Buyer was properly informed, the report was prepared and sent to the Buyer and her Realtor, with her permission. Two days after, we received a call from buyer to thanks us for the same day inspection and report, also informing us that they were able to negotiate a credit with the Seller towards a new roof that would be placed after closing.

This Buyer was fortunate that we were able to inspect her property and have her critical report ready the same day. She saved thousands of dollars in the transaction, but the learning experience is that each Buyer should be very aware of the "Inspection Period" that was negotiated in the contract, typically it ranges from 5-15 calendar days. If the inspections are not done by a professional inspector in the stipulated time, then the buyer has no right to renegotiate with the seller or cancel the contract, in other words that contingency is lifted from the contract. Inspect with the right inspector at the right time and your investment is safe, don't wait until the last minute, but if you do call us with a similar situation, we will try our very best to serve you.