Property Inspection Services

Home Inspections Provide Safety & Assurance

If you are buying or selling your home, one of the first and most important things you can do is to get a home inspection. The main two reasons for this is that it brings to light any potential problems, while simultaneously giving you a full report, so you know the property's true condition.

Our services include:

Why get a home inspection?

It is very important to have a full understanding of exactly what you are buying. Many listing agents or homeowners can be dishonest about problems in the home. Even worse, they may not have had their own inspection and therefore may be unaware of existing problems.

The same goes for selling your own home; if you have not had a recent home inspection, you want to be completely aware of any existing issues that you can disclose to potential buyers. An inspection can also provide a better understanding of the worth of your home, so you can work with your agent to set a proper asking price.

My Home Inspection Group may use a 3rd party organization to assist in our services!