Final Inspection


At My Home Inspection Group, we provide a unique service to our clients that are buying a property, the “Final Inspection”. Preferably the same day of your closing, one of our inspectors will accompany you and your realtor. Our inspector will ensure that the property is in acceptable condition and that any agreed upon repairs have been properly performed.

Couldn’t anything happen in 30 to 90 days? Well that’s the average time span between an initial inspection and final closing on a property. Part of your agreement with the seller is that the property should be; at the very least, in the same condition as when you originally viewed it. All visible and non-visible systems should be functioning properly on the closing date. The only way to ensure that the property is truly ready for closing, is with our “Final Inspection”.

Want to avoid unpleasant surprises? Want to have peace of mind at the closing table? Let us know your closing date, and we’ll schedule your “Final Inspection” today!

These inspections are offered ONLY to those buyers that utilized our services for their original inspections.

This is NOT a Walk-Though, this is a true inspection!

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