New State Of The Art Infrared Technology


My Home Inspection Group strives to utilize the latest technology as it become available. We want to be the leaders when it comes to Residential and Commercial Building Inspections. That's why we have invested in Thermal Imaging and have obtained the Certified Residential Thermographer (CRT) certification.

Thermal Imagers detect radiation in the long-infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum and produce images of that radiation, called thermograms. The amount of radiation emitted by an object increases with temperature; therefore, thermography allows one to see variations in temperature. With these variations in temperature the thermal imager’s operator will note thermal anomalies and investigate their cause; whether it’s a roof or plumbing leak, electrical overheating, or missing insulation. This technology will allow us to detect issues that are not typically visible to the naked eye and more accurately detect structural, mechanical and electrical problems.

A Solution for Every Problem Using Thermal Imaging

We offer the Infrared Inspection as an add on to the Buyer Inspection of your choice, or as a standalone service.