Insurance Inspection

Insurance Inspections Overview

Homeowner's insurance protects property owners from a myriad of damage and loss resulting from theft, storms, fire, and injury claims. Insurers, conversely, rely on an accurate assessment of the condition of the properties they insure. In some cases, the homeowner need only provide property information with minimal verification by the insurer's local agent. Depending on the home's age and locale, insurance companies may require a certified inspection to verify the property's condition.

Unlike a routine home inspection, mandated insurance inspections look at components of a home. For instance, in South Florida a licensed inspector reviews the age and condition of the home's electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling system and roof. Inspectors examine the type of wiring, age of electrical panel and heating and cooling system. Additionally, they inspect the plumbing for deficiencies, leaks, and material type and determine the history and condition of the roof.

My Home Inspection Group can perform these type of inspections for insurance purposes. We can provide you with the required certifications and documentation needed to insure your property.

4 Point Inspection

Insurance companies have become increasingly reluctant in issuing Homeowner Insurance Policies on older homes. Several common concerns are that there may be conditions in older homes that could become a liability to the insurer, including, but not limited to; leaky roof, rusted or inappropriate plumbing pipes, outdated electrical wires and panels, and deficient Heating and Air Conditioning systems. We are certified to provide 4-Point Inspection services in South Florida.

The 4-Point Inspection is a standard form that requires the inspection of the 4 principal systems of your home:

  • Roof
  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)
  • Electrical (wiring and panels)
  • Plumbing


Wind Mitigation

Make no mistake, living in South Florida your home is prone to storms with heavy winds including thunder storms, tropical storms, and even hurricanes. Performing a Wind Mitigation Inspection might qualify your property for discounts from insurance companies. These discounts come from having wind-resistant features that will ultimately decrease damage to the property during a storm.

With our certified Wind Mitigation Inspection, we can provide you and your insurance company with a detailed listing of what you have to assure that your home is in optimal condition from storms damage. Less damage possibilities, equals more savings on the insurance policy to you.

The Wind Mitigation Inspection and form reports on:

  • Structure
  • Roof (Covering, Style, Attachments, Condition, Age, etc…)
  • Glazed and Non- Glazed Openings (Windows, Doors, Garage, Shutters, etc…)

At your request, our report will include the latest permit history of the home, at no additional cost.

Roof Certification

Your insurance company and/or lender may require from you a Roof Certification in order to renew or issue a new homeowner policy. We will check for the age, life expectancy, and condition of the roofing material, ridges, caps and drip edges, soundness of drains, downspouts, gutters, etc. Please keep in mind that Roof Certification is separate from home inspections.

The basic purposes of our Roof Certification Inspections are to:

  • Inform about the condition of the roof
  • Disclose its remaining life expectancy
  • Recommend repairs, if necessary

If you are a seller, it is advised to provide a Roof Certification to the buyer as part of the sales process and give buyers peace of mind.