Plumbing Video Camera Inspection


Don’t let hidden pipes become a hidden cost!

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The condition of a properties plumbing can sparingly be detected by visual indications or the testing of plumbing fixtures. The only true way to know the condition of hidden, underground or foundation integrated plumbing is with the use of a Plumbing Camera. Purchasing a property with a major plumbing issue can lead to constant clogging, ground contamination and thousands of dollars in repairs.

How does it work?

A Plumbing Camera is a high-resolution camera mounted onto a flexible rod. When inserted into a pipe within the property it relays a live feed to your inspector. This allows them to evaluate the interior condition of the pipe and identify any existing or potential issues with accuracy. Thus, issues discovered and in need of repair can be done so with precision, reducing the amount of time and money invested.

Plumbing Video Camera Benefits

  • Discover true condition of plumbing
  • Identify plumbing issues with precision
  • Reduce the cost of repairs
  • High-resolution video imaging – Included in Report
  • Avoid potentially costly repairs

What kinds of issues can be detected?

  • Root intrusion
  • Obstructions – Debris build up / Foreign objects
  • Deterioration
  • Broken, punctured & collapsed piping
  • Leaking joints
  • Misaligned piping
  • Channeled pipe – Cut through by running water
  • Bellied pipe – Water pooling in a low area causing for debris build up
  • Off-grade pipe – Substandard or outdated piping

The Plumbing Video Camera Inspection can be added onto any of the Buyer Inspections or be performed as a standalone inspection to discover the source of plumbing issues.

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