Once you have an executed contract, one of your first steps should be to order your inspections. Of course the one question is; where do I find a reliable Home Inspector? This question has more than one answer.

One good source to find a reliable Home Inspector might be searching on the internet, a key word might be for example "home inspector", "home inspection" or "my area home inspectors", then the search engine will give you pages of Home Inspection companies offering their services. You may call or email them to get vital information about their companies, services and possible costs.

Another way could be asking your friends, family members, co-workers or neighbors for the contact information of their Home Inspector. Of course make sure that they were satisfied with the service they received.

Many Buyers will also ask their realtors for a trusted Home Inspector. Your realtor will be more than happy to give you the contact information of inspectors that he or she knows of, or has a business relationship with.

Be aware that the inspection process is of an extraordinary importance to protect your interests and it should be done at arm's length. In other words, the inspector should not be related at all to the Seller, Listing Agent, Mortgage Broker/Loan Officer, Title Company and even to your Real Estate Agent. If you're really looking for a Home Inspector that will be free to perform a thorough inspection without any possible conflict of interest, than your better off doing your homework, and finding the inspection services yourself.